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Throughout my life I have seen the benefits that complementary approaches to wellbeing can provide for both myself and others. Over the last decade or so I have personally experienced periods of depression and fatigue as well as various physical ailments. Through the practice of a variety of natural wellbeing approaches I have been able to reverse all of them. I have received personal benefit from all of the following:
    • HeartMath coaching
    • Personal counselling
    • Nutrition, especially eating raw vegetables & selected fruit plus vegetable juicing
    • Food supplements
    • EFT
    • BIO available food supplements
    • Essential Oils
    • Lifestyle Medicine
    • Biofield tuning

I have also been privileged to see first-hand the benefits for others using these complementary approaches; all of which can work alongside our existing medical model.

Since I was a child I had dreamed of opening a walk-in centre or shop for people to experience healing like a form of clinic using natural, wellbeing practices. In the Autumn of 2018, it finally felt like it was time to share the benefit of my many years of personal experience in a more public forum by creating an educational, grant making and service provider charity.

When we were considering the name of our charity, my wife, Michelle, had the idea of a breath of fresh air which led to the impression of blowing on a dandelion clock, and subsequently to us calling it the Dandelion Seeds Foundation. In 2019 the Charity commissioners formally registered our charity and in April 2020 we decided to publicly profile the charity in the height of the Covid19 virus.

The Dandelion is everywhere and whilst considered a weed, quite surprisingly it has a number of medicinal properties.

In addition, its structure is beautiful and empowering, the seeds can travel long distances with ease and whatever direction they take. I see this as a metaphor for the charity. Our charity is here to empower people to thrive in their wellbeing and to support new seedling business or ideas to multiply. Initially we are focussing on Somerset and Devon, however, I anticipate this will travel across the UK.

I welcome you to our visit site and please feel free to enjoy what’s on offer. Do contact me and I’ll endeavour to reply . Please be aware we are all volunteers and if you do contact us we will probably reply within 5-10 working days.
Phillip Bristow​ - Founder and CEO


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