My Story

Throughout my life I have seen the benefits that complementary approaches to wellbeing can provide for both myself and others. Over the last decade or so I have personally experienced periods of depression and fatigue as well as various physical ailments. Through the practice of a variety of natural wellbeing approaches I have been able […]


The Power of Positivity

By running workshops, seminars and events the Charity will inform the public about health and wellness options that can be made available to help those affected.


Dandelion Seeds Foundation launches the first CHIP

The Charity has a strong focus on working collaboratively with other third sector organisations and seeks to enhance and complement existing health and wellbeing services.


The Charity will offer grants to individuals in order to help them access treatments or services they could not otherwise obtain due to financial or other constraints.

Partnering with our local community

In partnership with FareShare SW. Dandelion Seeds Foundation are delighted to be expanding our food distribution work in partnership with local schools in the Taunton area.

Oxford Lifestyle Medicine Pilot

In partnership with Compass Lifestyle Medicine CHIP UK Dandelion Seeds Foundation delivered its first UK (charity-funded) Continuous Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) in Oxford

Story 3

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